In 2014 RHHS has a total enrolment of 1124 students.

Each year group has a Year Adviser who oversees the well being for each student in that year.

Year 6 into 7     Ms Melanie Douglas

Year 7               Ms Sally Cain

Year 8               Ms Sarah Haigh

Year 9               Mrs Kate Kennerson

Year 10             Mr Aaron Hay

Year 11             Mr Manvir Singh

Year 12             Mr Jayson Mondinos



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What's Happening at RHHS


Years 8, 9 & 10 DP Assemblies - Thursday 2 April. Y10 - pd1, Y9 - pd 2 and Y8 - pd 3.


New Deputy Principal Appointed to RHHS - Congratulations Brenda Quayle. 


Year 9 X Elective Excursions will be held on Tuesday 31 March. All Year 9 students will either be doing an excursion or incursion on that day. Teachers will be sending permission notes soon.


The next P&C and School Council meetings will be held on Monday 18 May.

Click here to view the Missing Link Excellence Assembly 2015 Edition. 

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