Students and parents can access every assessment task for the entire year here on MOODLE

At Rooty Hill High School, assessment procedures are aligned to the NSW Board of Studies policies and requirements and to the requirements of ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority).

At Rooty Hill High School assessment will be used to assist students, their parents and their teachers to evaluate student performance, achievement and progress. It will be used to assist students to plan for improvement and for future educational and career decisions. End of semester reports will show student grades against the whole cohort enrolled in a particular course (eg Year 7 English) and each course will be required to undertake cohort assessment at least once per semester to moderate marks and grades in each class.

Assessment will also be used to provide information to assist teachers to improve the quality of teaching and learning programs.

In particular the school's assessment policies, practices and procedures will be designed and implemented to ensure consistent practice and implementation across the school. Individual faculties and teachers must adhere to this requirement. The school's assessment policy and the associated procedures should be read in conjunction with the Assessment Information Documents provided to students.

Click here to download the RHHS Assessment, Reporting and Recognition Policy and Procedures



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What's Happening at RHHS


Years 8, 9 & 10 DP Assemblies - Thursday 2 April. Y10 - pd1, Y9 - pd 2 and Y8 - pd 3.


New Deputy Principal Appointed to RHHS - Congratulations Brenda Quayle. 


Year 9 X Elective Excursions will be held on Tuesday 31 March. All Year 9 students will either be doing an excursion or incursion on that day. Teachers will be sending permission notes soon.


The next P&C and School Council meetings will be held on Monday 18 May.

Click here to view the Missing Link Excellence Assembly 2015 Edition. 

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