Why did Rooty Hill High School receive $435147 this term?

Why did Rooty Hill High School receive $435147 this term?

As many parents, senior students and community members know, Rooty Hill HS has been one of the state's largest government high schools for some time. The school has been doing great work but always trying to do that work with the minimum amount of money.

Along with a number of other local schools, the state government has now decided that the school needs the chance to see if it can do more with more money.

As a result the school has been given over $400000 to find innovative ideas to improve literacy & numeracy in Years 7 - 9. What do we know?

We know that almost 60% of our Year 7 students did not reach Stage 3 outcomes in literacy and numeracy in 2012 before coming to high school this year.

We know that, with some extra support, many of them will catch up quickly and will be able to change their learning trajectory.

We know that many student make rapid improvements when they learn to speak the academic language of school.

We know that parents want to know where their sons and daughters are performing compared to what is expected for students of the same age and grade and we know we have strong parent support.

We know that NAPLAN is only one measure of literacy and numeracy and, for some students, it does not show what they need to do better. The new continuums are much more accurate and sophisticated.

What are we going to do?

We want to thank students in Years 7 & 8 who, before NAPLAN, completed some literacy and numeracy tasks. We have now mapped their performance against the literacy and numeracy continuums so we can better start teaching from "where they are in learning".

We are going to invest in additional professional learning for our teachers and school learning support officers.

We are going to introduce new teaching strategies in literacy, numeracy and thinking using the new ACARA capability framework.

We are going to run targeted programs for students who have not reached stage outcomes to help them catch up quickly.

We are gong to write new teaching & learning programs using the Australian Curriculum in Years 7 - 9 and

We are going to develop new assessment tools and portfolios that will enable every student to map his or her progress in learning, literacy, numeracy and thinking.

We have two years to introduce these innovations and we are very excited that parents, students and staff will be working towards our school plan goals of lifting expectations, capacity and achievement.