Gonski Funding

Why do all families in western Sydney need to understand why our schools need the federal #Gonski funding?


In recent weeks parents and students have asked a lot of questions about the Gonski reforms of funding. Of course, David Gonski never expected his name to be used as the nick name for a change to the way schools are funded. What he and his committee did propose is really simple - the state and federal government should put their money together and then give schools funding based on "need".


In other words, the schools working with the poorest students, the most disabled students and the largest numbers of students from refugee backgrounds will get the most. The schools serving the richest communities will still be funded but they will only get the "base funding".


For a school like Rooty Hill High, which became famous for being one of the three high schools in western Sydney that received much less per student under the old formula, the new funding system means we can do much more for our students, especially in literacy, numeracy and digital education.


Without this funding, the school and families will struggle to compete with rich schools in other parts of Sydney. This funding is fairer and anyone who threatens to take it away for political or ideological reasons will be deliberately setting out to hurt the chances of our students.


This threat must be taken seriously and I ask all the adults and young adults associated with our school to make sure that we get  the fairer funding from the start of 2014.


I also hope parents realise that the $820 School bonus is under threat. It has made a big difference for a lot of our families and we would be very disappointed to see it go just at the time when the DER (laptop) program is also ending.


A fairer funding system for our school is now critical. Please tell your friends and family to support it - Now.