RHHS an innovative 21st century school

Why was Rooty Hill High School recognised by Global Education Leaders as an innovative 21st century school?

Before the Global Education Leaders visited Rooty Hill in June they asked to see three government schools in NSW that were doing innovative, transformative learning - Education 3.0.

The NSW Minister and Director General chose Rooty Hill High School because it already is a 21st century school -

1. Developing a 21st curriculum.
2. Leading change in educational culture.
3. Working collaboratively with the all the people in our school community to build expectations, capacity and achievement.
4. Providing high quality infrastructure and technology for students.
5. Leading in new forms of school governance, planning by focusing on what is important.

In particular, the school's PERSIST values and the exciting work being done to underpin all learning with capabilities was mentioned in the Global Leaders report to the Minister. They recognised our:

- ways of thinking - innovative & creative
- ways of working - collaboration, teams, project focus and sharing.
- tools for working - academic, social, emotional and technological tools.
- skills for living in the old - our values especially persistence, resilience, justice and empathy.

The Global leaders met students during their visit and we were proud that students from Year 7 - 12 talked with confidence about their school, their teachers and their learning.

Rooty Hill High School has reinvented itself for over 50 years to teach the students who choose our school.

We don't just try to improve the past - we try to build new ways to meet the future needs of our students and their families.

Some days that is harder than others but most days we are clearly working together towards success. That is why our school was one of the three schools chosen and I thank everyone for their work.