Gastroenteritis Outbreak in School and Local Community

Dear Parents


Please find three links below to documents you may need to access as a result of an outbreak of gastroenteritis in the school and local community.

1. The first is a letter to parents from Jennifer Paterson from the Department of Health.

2. The second is a pamphlet explaining viral gastroenteritis and how to prevent it spreading.

3. The third is a letter for families to take to their doctors if their children or other family members become sick.


If your son or daughter becomes sick with nausea or vomiting please keep them at home and see your doctor.


Students who have been sick must not return to school until 48 hours (2 days) after they are fully recovered.


Please advise the school's office if your son or daughter is diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis.


On Monday 11 November classes will operate as normal. Year 10 examinations will still be running.


Year 10 students - Please advise Ms. Mumzenberger if you will be sick during the examinations.



Ms. Christine Cawsey